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Quality & Satisfaction
We have designed our model to vaporize herbs with the correct mixture of heat and air. Please note that some vaporizers on the market today are very beautifully crafted works of art, BUT
bigger is not better.
  Our main operating principle is to reduce combustion.  To do this, we reduce temperature and oxygen by using a tight fitting, impact resistant, small jar.
RxDirect2u.com is committed to the highest standards.

Each vaporizer is hand made and quality checked before being shipped to you. Our quality is guaranteed against any defect. In fact, over 30,000 units have been built and shipped since 1995.   Our website is "e-comm secure" which means that we never see your credit card - it stays with our third party ecommerce provider.  We provide you with an immediate receipt via email of your purchase - and then send you a special tracking number within 1 business day, so that you can see where and when your order will arrive.  We invite you to read our Customer Comments throughout this site.  Our clients really say it all.

[NOTE: . Never clean your vaporizer's body with alcohol (rubbing or otherwise) as this can cause the body to breakdown... causing cracks to appear and, over time, may cause your vaporizer's body to splinter!
So, remember, dishwashers, soapy water, or alcohol-free cleaners. See the Video section under the News section for more.]

Money Back

Rxdirect2u.com is confident about our vaporizers being manufacturer defect free. If the vaporizer you purchase from us is not manufacturer's defect free, we will give you your money back. This guarantee is good for a period of 90 days after the date that we ship (120 days for international orders).
Lowest Price

Rxdirect2u.com guarantees the lowest pricing for our products.


If you see a product exactly like ours - please email us back at [click here].  Give us the website URL and we'll take it from there. 

As our way of thanking you, we will match their price (before shipping and handling) and give you a further 10% reduction on all our product pricing.

Our clients are really happy with our products and we just know that you will be too!


Steve D.
see the vapos...

Thanks Rxdirect for the response.  I am glad you fixed my confusion...I'll be in touch.
Thanks for the great product. I will definitely suggest your site to anyone that is interested.

Muchos gracias mi amigos!

Your pipe is a delightful wonder! It's design is simple, yet it's performance shines. I felt no discomfort what so ever. Many years have passed since I've felt so laid back. I've convinced two of my closer friends to look closer into your web site. Rock on .... enjoy your return!

The new vapo deluxe


"Thank you, I'm glad there are people like you in this world."
J.M.,   Vermont

Let us make YOU a satisfied customer today!


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