A note from RxDirect2U

We have designed our VAPORIZERS to vaporize herbs with the correct mixture of heat and air. Please note that some VAPORIZERS on the market today are very beautifully crafted works of art, BUT bigger is not better.  Our main operating principle is to reduce combustion within our VAPORIZERS.  To do this, we reduce temperature and oxygen by using a tight fitting, impact resistant, small jar.

RxDirect2u.com is committed to the highest standards. Each vaporizer is hand made and quality checked before being shipped to you. The Quality of our VAPORIZERS are manufacturer guaranteed against any defect. In fact, over 30,000 VAPORIZERS have been built and shipped since 1995.   Our website is "e-comm secure" which means that we never see your credit card - it stays with our third party ecommerce provider.  We provide you with an immediate receipt via email of your purchase - and then send you a special tracking number within 1 business day, so you can see where and when your VAPORIZER order will arrive.  We invite you to read our Customer Comments throughout this site.  Our clients really say it all.
We look forward to having you become a customer of Rxdirect2u.com - and thank you for your interest.

Respectfully yours,
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