Security of our e-Commerce site

Our Secure Credit Card site is an e-commerce enabled web site. We never see your credit card as it will be authorized only via our Authorized Credit Card e-commerce Provider.

I live in the US so how much will be billed to my credit card?
You will be billed the $US dollar prices quoted on the website. We use a Canadian E-Commerce provider - so your customer receipt that is automatically emailed to you after your purchase is in Canadian Dollars - which will appear higher. Don't worry, your credit card company will just convert it back to US dollars - as quoted on our website. Sorry about the confusion. We are looking into coverting our entire "back end" into US dollars. We just aren't there quite yet.

Privacy Policy

We only ask you for the information needed to confirm and ship your order. Any information you provide us remains secure with us and is never shared with any third parties. Ever.

If you order with your credit card, does it show up on your credit card receipt - ie your credit card bill? If it does, what does it say?
Yes, your monthly Visa or Mastercard statement will show your purchase (most likely in $US funds) and the merchant (us) will be listed as Rx Direct BC Inc. No other information is stated.