Psychologist's pot offer earns sanctions

Monday, January 17, 2005

MONTREAL - A high-profile Montreal psychologist specializing in addictions is in hot water with his professional order for offering to procure cannabis for a former client. Jean-Pierre Rochon made the offer over a breakfast meeting in April, 2002, allegedly telling the man that he had contacts with the Hells Angels. Upset, the former client informed the investigator of the Quebec Order of Psychologists. After several days of hearings, the order's disciplinary committee last June found Mr. Rochon guilty -- of both making the offer and of breaching client confidentiality by telling the same man, while he was still a patient, that Mr. Rochon was also treating a famous music star, naming her by name. A decision on sanctions in the case is expected any day, said syndic Denys Dupuis. Attempts to reach Mr. Rochon last week were unsuccessful. He has been featured in numerous French-language media for his expertise on Internet addictions. The man who complained to the psychologists' order had been under Mr. Rochon's care in the mid-90s for a long-standing drug-addiction problem. At a meeting in early 2002, Mr. Rochon told the man he had started smoking pot. Mr. Rochon's lawyer and Mr. Dupuis have recommended Mr. Rochon be suspended for two months.

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